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Give Your Child the Gift of a Montessori Education!

Ardor Montessori School of Lexington, KY is a non-denominational, independent Montessori learning environment. We offer part-day and all day instruction for children 2 1/2 to 12 years of age (Preschool - Kindergarten - 1st - 6th grade). We offer a caring, safe, child-sized, mixed-age environment, with a host of developmentally appropriate manipulative materials.

Our teachers (or guides) are experienced and well qualified, holding diplomas from The Association Montessori Internationale. Each teacher is dually trained, holding an AMI diploma for both the Primary and Elementary level. We understand that each child is unique and each is at a different stage in their development.

Montessori Education

We observe your child's needs/interests and offer a curriculum that integrates practical life activities, sensorial development, mathematics, language, science, geography, biology, history, music, art, and social skills (grace and courtesy), based on the individual.

Montessori education differs from conventional forms of education in the fact that lessons are given individually or in small groups. Instruction is based on the needs of the child, instead of lecturing to the entire class.

Each child is allowed to work and learn at his/her own pace, guided by presentations from the teacher. In addition to academics, Montessori education also focuses on fostering self-esteem, respect for others, independence, self-discipline, cooperation, and love of learning.

We invite you to schedule a tour and speak to our staff.